Current Projects

Current Project Investigators (RFA-AI-15-023)

Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators in the Mucosal Immunology Studies Team include the following:

Project Title Project Investigator(s) Organization Additional Info
Regulation of mucosal immunity by neuronal pathways Artis, David
Sonnenberg, Gregory F.
Weill Medical College of Cornell Artis Lab
Sonnenberg Lab 
The role of CD40L in resistance to enteric infection Hunter, Christopher A
Striepen, Boris
University of Pennsylvania Hunter Lab
Striepen Lab

Maintenance of mucosal homeostasis by commensal Th17 cells

Ivanov, Ivaylo Columbia University Health Sciences Ivanov Lab
Gut region-specific mechanisms that limit dissemination of microbial signals from the intestine Hsieh, Chyi S
Randolph, Gwendalyn
Washington University Hsieh Lab
Randolph Lab
Perforin 2 controls unconventional cytokine release from mucosal APC Herbert, Debroski R University of Pennsylvania Herbert Lab
Gut Intrinsic Inflammatory Responses Hsieh, Chyi S
Newberry, Rodney D
Washington University Hsieh Lab
Newberry Lab
Nuclear Receptor Networks in Mucosal Immune Regulation Sundrud, Mark S
Pipkin, Matthew
Weaver, Casey T
Scripps Florida Sundrud Lab
Pipkin Lab
Weaver Lab

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Archived Investigators

Photo: Color-enhanced histologic image of a severely inflamed mouse colon following a T cell transfer model of colitis, demonstrating crypt elongation, loss of normal architecture and inflammatory cell infiltrates. Photo Credit: Artis and Sonnenberg laboratories, Weill Cornell Medical College.