Project Investigators

Archived Past Project Investigators (RFA-AI-10-008)

Archived Past Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators in the Mucosal Immunology Studies Team include the following:

Project Title Project Investigator(s) Organization Additional Info
Regulation of Protective Immunity Following Enteric Viral Infection Artis, David
Wherry, John
University of Pennsylvania  
Regulation and Function of Immunoglobulin D in Mucosal Immune Defense Cerutti, Andrea Mount Sinai School of Medicine  
Epithelial Exosomes and TLR-Mediated Mucosal Defense Chen, Xian-Ming Creighton University  
Mucosal Immune Defense Mechanisms of the Urinary Bladder Colonna, Marco
Hultgren, Scott
Washington University  
The MUC2 Mucus Gel as an Innate Immune Mechanism that Inhibits Colitis Hansson, Gunnar C. Goteborg University (Sweden)  
Role of the TCRY & T-Cells in the Mucosal Response to Intestinal Infection Khanna, Kamal University of Connecticut School of Medicine  
Human MAIT Cells in Airway Mucosal Immune Reponses to Intracellular Infections Lewinsohn, David
Gold, Marielle
Oregon Health and Sciences University  
Role of Mucosal DC Subsets in the Control of Influenza A Virus Immunity Merad, Miriam
Palucka, Anna Karolina
Mount Sinai School of Medicine  
Lamina Propria Antigen Acquisition Pathways and Outcomes Newberry, Rodney
Miller, Mark
Washington University  
TH17 Subsets: Differential Roles in Immune Defense Mechanisms at the GI Mucosa Raz, Eyal University of California San Diego  

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Photo: Color-enhanced histologic image of a severely inflamed mouse colon following a T cell transfer model of colitis, demonstrating crypt elongation, loss of normal architecture and inflammatory cell infiltrates. Photo Credit: Artis and Sonnenberg laboratories, Weill Cornell Medical College.