Pilot Project


The Mucosal Immunology Studies Team (MIST) is comprised of a group of scientists who are motivated to promote mucosal immune defense mechanisms. The Steering Committee members of this Team have a unique opportunity to manage an Infrastructure and Opportunities Fund (IOF) that will allow us to shape the greater cooperative to achieve those goals consistent with our mission statement.

The funds awarded will be distributed to:

  1. Provide funds for studies that foster collaborations and further cooperation between existing members of the Steering Committee.
  2. Provide funds to outside investigators who have synergy with the existing members.
  3. Provide funds to develop core resources that support existing projects.
  4. Solicit targeted applications to fund pilot projects from outside investigators.

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Application Forms, Instructions & Timeline
Past Grant Recipients
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Photo: Color enhanced histologic image showing intestinal tissue damage in a murine model of intestinal inflammation. Photo Credit: Artis and Sonnenberg laboratories, Weill Cornell Medical College.