2013 Grant Recipients

Translational Pilots:

Title PI Institution
To characterize the dynamics and function of Flu-specific T cells induced by different lung DC subsets in human lungs Miriam Merad Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
Prevalence and Phenotype of Human Lung Resident MAIT Cells in Infectious and Non-Infectious Pulmonary Infection David Lewinsohn Oregon Health & Science University
The relationship of MR1 and MAIT cells to inflammatory bowel disease Marielle Gold Oregon Health & Science University
Molecular mechanism underlying tolerogenic vs. immunogenic intestinal DCs Mary Jo Wick Goetborg University
Innate Immunity in Chronic Airway Disease Michael Holtzman Washington University
IBD-associated PRDM-1 polymorphisms and CD4+ T cell function in Intestinal mucosa Gislaine Martins Cedars Sinai
Influence of gene-environment interactions on innate immune function of human Paneth cells Thaddeus Stappenbeck Washington University
Mucosal immune mechanisms that impact urinary tract infection outcome Scott Hultgren Washington University

Young Investigator Pilots:

Title PI Institution
Innate Lymphoid cell regulation of adaptive immunity and intestinal homeostasis Gregory Sonnenberg University of Pennsylvania
Regulation of Maternal-Fetal Mucosal Immunity by HEXIM1 and Extrathymic AIRE Kang Chen Wayne State University
Vanilloid Receptor 1 regulates gut-pancreas immunological axis Sreyashi Basu University of Connecticut Health Center
IDO1 in the gut epithelium Matthew Ciorba Washington University
Early Mucosal B cell development Duane Wesemann Brigham and Women's Hospital
Molecular regulation of colonic mucus, an innate defense barrier Malin Johansson University of Goethenburg
The role of bladder macrophages in determining susceptibility to cystitis Thomas Hannan Washington University

2012 Grant Recipients

Pilot Projects:

Title PI Institution
The role of mucins in antigen discovery and immune homeostasis Rodney Newberry Mark Miller Gunnar Hansson Andrea Cerutti Washington University Washington University Goetborg University Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
Requirements for development and function of mucosal TCR gd T cells Leo Lefrancois David Artis John Wherry University of Connecticut University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania
Visualizing early virus-host interactions during enteric MNV infection David Artis John Wherry Rodney Newberry Mark Miller University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania Washington University Washington University
Transepithelial delivery of inhaled antigens Rodney Newberry Mark Miller Miriam Merad Washington University Washington University Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
Influence of gut commensals and pathogenic bacteria on lung immunity to flu Miriam Merad David Artis John Wherry Mt. Sinai School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania
The Role of Mucus in Bladder Defense Against Bacterial Uropathogens Thomas Hannan Gunnar Hansson Washington University Goetborg University

Core Resources:

Title PI Institution
Marco Colonna Washington University MIST core facility for generation of reporter and knockout mice to study mucosal immunity
Mark Miller Washington University MIST: Mucosal immunity studies two-photon imaging web resources and training

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Photo: Color enhanced histologic image showing intestinal tissue damage in a murine model of intestinal inflammation. Photo Credit: Artis and Sonnenberg laboratories, Weill Cornell Medical College.